Stir Fry Noodles

This is how dinner looked today, so colorful and nutritious. Hubby dearest had been complaining about not having had Chinese in so long and bought fresh noodles to pressurize me. Wasn’t in a mood to make something elaborate, so stuck to the super quick stir-fry noodle but added all the veggies I could.

Here’s my version, let me know how do you like yours?

COOKING TIME: 10 minutes


  1. Bell peppers – ½ red, ½ yellow and ½ green, chopped
  2. Spring onions – 2
  3. Carrot – 1, diced
  4. Purple Cabbage – ½ cup, shredded
  5. Ginger – 5 inch, juliennes
  6. Garlic – 2, finely chopped
  7. Light soy – 3 tablespoons
  8. Vinegar – 2 tablespoons
  9. Fresh noodles – 1 ½ cup
  10. Salt – to taste
  11. Vegetable oil – 1 tablespoon
  12. Sesame seeds – for garnishstir-fry-noodles-ingredients


  1. Add oil in a wok and let it heat.
  2. Add ginger and garlic and the white portion of the spring onions.
  3. Sauté for a minute and add the bell peppers, cabbage and carrots.
  4. Mix them well and add salt, soy sauce and vinegar and let them veggies stir on high heat for 3-4 minutes.Stir-fry-noodles-veggies
  5. Keep continuously stirring the veggies.
  6. Add fresh noodles and add a splash of water (like a spoon or so) and the veggies noodles mix well.
  7. Top up with toasted sesame seeds and serve hot.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. I love adding loads of veggies too in our food! so nicely done!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nisha Sharma says:

      Thanks so much🙏 It’s always great to add veggies to bump up the health meter, isn’t it😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. absolutely, I am with you on this! My pleasure!

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